Virtual Bible School

Virtual Bible School

Virtual Bible School is ready for launch THIS MONDAY August 10th!

Beginning this Monday, three videos will be released on our Facebook page foreach day (a skit, memory work, and Bible Lesson videos). If you cannot view it from Facebook, we have it available on our TBPC Kids YouTube as well.

If you need a packet for each child who will be involved please contact the office.

The first day’s snack recipe is the most involved, so you might want to look at it as soon as you get your packet. Other snack recipes are more or less involved, but we hope they will be fun for you and your children. Each packet also includes: a daily outline of the day’s program, memory work, craft instructions, supplies for the craft and a snack recipe. If you have any questions, please email or contact the church office at (253) 627-4814

Kids YouTube
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