• Sunday School
  • 9:30 am (Currently 9:45am until September 8th)
  • All ages meet in Sanctuary on the first Sunday of each month


What does the final book of the Scriptures say about Christ, The Father, the world, and us? Join Pastor Fisher as he leads an in depth study on the book of Revelation.

Open to all ages.

Beginners Class

We sing. We do Bible-themed Crafts. And we study the Word of God!

God has testified of His glorious deeds and mighty power. This class explores God’s greatness by noting key themes found chronologically throughout the Old Testament. Bible stories are not written out; teachers prepare the lesson through the study of scripture using a list of key themes, opening illustrations, and application questions to acquaint children with a great God whose character never changes.
Ages 3-7

Middles Class

The middle level Sunday School class at TBPC serves students typically in the upper elementary level and the middle or junior level of school. The curriculum materials used from year to year at this level are from Desiring God Ministries, and they are written by Sally Michael. In general topics such as the Names of God, and Growing and Persevering in Faith are studied. Students use the New King James Version in class each week for reading the Bible text. Guided class discussions encourage students to read and observe selected texts, behold God and learn more about Him, think about and reflect upon what is read, and seek to make application of God’s truth to their lives.

Included in each class session besides a planned lesson is a brief time of prayer, and relational support. Students are also encouraged to share with their parents weekly what is studied in class. Parents are welcome to visit the class at any time, and if they have any questions they can contact the teacher for information.
Ages 8-13

Young Adult Class

School, sports, jobs, friends and more: there are lots of activities competing for limited time in a day in the life of a young adult. Where does God fit in? The answer is everywhere.

In the Young Adult Class (high school & beyond), we pray, learn scripture and discuss relevant topics, so that our youth will be more “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is in (them)” (1 Peter 3:15).

Topics have included scientific justification of creation, archeological defense of Bible events, biblical perspective on economics, essential Biblical doctrine and others. Youth are encouraged to come, invite their friends, and get to know how our Lord and Savior can be a bigger part of each area of their life, no matter if they have known God for many years or just now getting to know Him.
Open to High School & College aged students.