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Bible Presbyterians are a small but vigorous group of people who seek to maintain a strong connection to our separated, Reformed roots. We also desire to faithfully minister to the Body of Christ and win souls both at home and abroad. Love of missions, evangelism, and sound Bible instruction stir the hearts of our people. The denomination approves two mission boards, two schools, and a publishing arm a independent agencies of the Church. We believe Reformed doctrine is historic Christianity in its emphasis upon the sovereignty of God and trustworthiness of the Bible. It was the compromise of the truths of Scripture in the early decades of the twentieth century that led to the formation of Bible Presbyterian Church. As theological liberalism moved into Presbyterian seminaries and out into the church, it became fashionable to question or reject fundamental tenets of Christianity such as the inspiration of the Bible, the virgin birth of and deity of Christ, His supernatural works, the atonement on the cross, and even His resurrection from the dead. We believe that God has raised up this denomination to take a faithful stand for the historic Christian faith and to be a light in the darkening days of compromise and apostasy. The Bible Presbyterian Church adopted the Westminster Standards in its organizing synod held September 6-8, 1938. Year after year the BPC has reaffirmed its belief in the biblical doctrines of historic Christianity that are outlined in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. We are Bible Presbyterians because we believe the Bible is without error in its original text and the only divinely given and trustworthy rule of faith and practice. There are, of course, other denominations that believe the Bible, but we hold faithfulness to Christ and His Word as our primary emphasis. The Bible Presbyterian Church is unique among American and European Reformed churches, We are free to walk under the Presbyterian principle that God is the Lord of the conscience, so our local congregations all have a flavor of their own in worship and ministry activities. The Scriptures provide our only regulations when it comes to worship. BP worship is marked by a vibrancy that comes from each communicant bringing his or her own offerings before the Lord with a full heart, within the bounds of the Word of God.
Outreach to the local community and to the world is helped greatly by the efforts of these approved independent agencies of the Bible Presbyterian denomination.
  • Western Reformed Seminary
  • Presbyterian Missionary Union
  • The Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions

“Today more than ever an accurate, balanced, and thorough knowledge of the Bible is necessary for you to help lead people to the Lord and strengthen believers in the church”

Western Reformed Seminary is a graduate school of theology. It offers bachelor and master degrees in pastoral ministry, theology, biblical studies, lay church ministry, missions, and biblical counseling. WRS is dedicated to one task, to assist the Bible Presbyterian Church and other Reformed and conservative, Bible-believing churches, by providing theological training for their ministers, missionaries, and other Christian workers. WRS Home

Presbyterian Missionary Union is a non-profit missions agency associated with the Bible Presbyterian Church. They desire to advance the cause of missions — both domestic and foreign — that are biblically based and practiced and to stand against any compromise of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. PMU is directed by a Missions Council of Christian ministers and elders who voluntarily give their time to guide the ministry. 

Gong into the world. Making Disciples.

The Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions was begun with the sole purpose of sending God’s servants “into all the world, [to] preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Like the Apostle Paul, our missionaries spend their time “Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence …” (Acts 28:31). This purpose is as needful today as it was in 1933 when the Board began. IBPFM Home

Pastor Andy Yong came in the US to study at the Western Reformed Seminary. In January 2015, he was ordained by the Great Western Presbytery of Bible Presbyterian Church as a missionary in US. He is striving to build a healthy Reformed Presbyterian church in the Korean-American community in WA State.

We believe the Word of God is our only rule of faith and practice. We also hold that our system of belief is summarized well in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Our desire is that this mission grows into a sound Presbyterian Church where a fellowship based on the love of God’s truth is shared until the return of Jesus Christ.